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MigVapor Sub Herb

The all new Black Sub-Herb

The new Black Sub-Herb vape tank is a one of a kind new and advanced dry herb and concentrate vaping device that is one of our hottest sellers. New changes include a gold plated 510 connector, new spring and plate to hold the dry herbs and flowers down when puffing, new and better air flow as well as maximum heat is 65 degrees hotter. ( if you choose) Convert your current vape battery into a superior dry herb vaporizer simply by attaching the Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb vape tank. It’s that easy.

The Black-Sub-Herb tank works with your existing sub-ohm vape gear. The ceramic heating plate has no exposed heating element and heats up almost instantly. Everyone wants to get their hands on this new advanced one and for good reason. You will not believe the vapor that you are going to get from your Mig vapor Black-Sub-Herb!

* Not for use with tobacco*

Black Glass dry herb tank vape mod tank
For use with sub ohm batteries
Ceramic Plate for Herb and Concentrates
No Exposed Coils
Baking watts 19-27w mod (MR Battery)
New improved ceramic heating technology
3 Second heat up time
No Plastics
65 degrees hotter than the Standard Sub herb
Stainless steel- coated in Black
Replaceable mesh
Avoid using temp control mod
Baking style or burn, depending on the power you allow
Low Resistance 0.5 ohm coil inside the baking plate
the new black-Looks like a vapor tank ( stealth )
Sub Herb vape mod tank
2 Silicone mouth pieces
Dab Tool
New heat sensitive air-flow-base
Rubber tank protector
User Manual
Gold plated 510 connectors
4 extra mesh
Gift Box
1 Manual
Wicks for concentrates
Spring and plate herb Holder inside
Replaceable mesh

The Black Sub Herb Uses our new heat baking technology combined with an all new ceramic heating Plate and better air flow and spring and plate to hold herb inside and vape more pure.

22*58mm . weight 78.3 g

Black Sub Herb vaporizer tank is designed for dry herb and Concentrates
To be used with sub ohm devises
True Convection Technology™
No Combustion
Use in controlled environment and test with low watts
do not overheat*
will be hot to the touch, allow to cool
do not use with temperature control mod devices
Do not use with auto adjusting mod devices
Do not use underwater or during space travel
Do not use while base jumping with a go-pro® on your head or chest
May use on a bicycle if you are not moving
Do not use during job interviews
Do not use with any stupid action or while driving
Just sit somewhere with a nice view and chill, ok?
Recommended use for Mig Vapor Z stick vape mod or any 40 watt non regulated sub ohm battery.

With the Black Sub Herb is our newest Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank-Vaporizer, you maintain total control of your freedom. Make your life more fun and exciting with the Black Sub- herb dry herb| concentrates Vaporizer | Mig Vapor Mig Cigs Vapor

* Note Not intended or functional for tobacco use*

Do not use battery in or near water or liquids, or extreme heat. Use with caution as it is a lithium battery your using with this device.
Keep away from high temperatures

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